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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Monthly Average Home Heating Oil Prices March 2012

Source: NYSERDA, "New York Home Heating Oil Price Monitoring Program"

(Posted #2 Fuel Oil Credit Price)

Note: Fuel Prices are surveryed: weekly from October through March; twice a month in April and September; and for months May through August, monthly collections began in 2006, continued in 2007, and increased to twice a month in 2008.
(Prices last updated 04/20/2012)
Latest Monthly Average Home Heating Oil Prices
March 2012Cents Per Gallon
New York Statewide416.1
Long Island Region428.3
New York City428.0
Lower Hudson Region426.1
Upper Hudson Region410.8
Capital District Region407.4
North Country Region407.9
Central Region403.3
Western Region400.5